Scholarships & Bursaries Programme

Scholarships are awarded in honour of past Headmistresses Miss Gloria K. Wesleygammon, Dr. Ivy J. Mitchell and Mrs. Joilette Sutherland. A few scholarships are also awarded in the name of the parents/loved ones of Hamptonians giving back to their alma mater. Bursaries are awarded to needy students to assist with tuition fees, lunch and bus fares


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Mentorship Programme

The HOGA Mentorship Programme plays an important role in assisting the young 6th form graduates in their transition from Hampton to tertiary level or the next phase of their lives. Our relationship with the young ladies is patterned off a ‘big sister/little sister’ kinship, wherein the HOGA big sisters seek to maintain a connection with the little sisters by way of providing guidance, direction, practical advice and support to them whilst fostering a mutually beneficial bonding experience. The programme also includes students attending tertiary institutions outside of Jamaica. Since its launch in 2008, over 180 young ladies have registered to participate in the Programme, with the majority of them proceeding to tertiary institutions in the year of graduating from Hampton. This includes 3 students who have proceeded to tertiary studies in Canada, with the Canada Chapter providing very good support for them.
The Programme also serves as a medium through which the young ladies become more aware of the function and work of HOGA. Additionally, it facilitates recruitment of members and serves as an important link between young Hamptonians and the Association. The flagship activity of the Programme is dubbed the Tertiary Lyme Welcome Reception, which HOGA has hosted for the past seven (7) years.

Become a Mentor