Over the 160 years of the existence of Hampton School, a number of past students have gone on to make their mark in various sectors of societies, locally and abroad, with utmost Courage and Courtesy. Here are some of them who have excelled, making us very proud.

National/ Community

Dr the Hon Olive Lewin OD OM
Una Marson
Hon Donna Parchment Brown CD JP
Delores Cooper OD
Sally Porteous
Eula Clarke
Major (Retired) Johanna Lewin
Ella Drummond-Hoyos


Dr. Carol Jacobs
Professor Yvette Jackson
Professor Marcia Roye
Dr Avis Glaze


Kathleen “Kay” Wilson
Kathleen “Kitty” Sharpe
Anita Doherty (nee deGregory)
Dana-Gaye Weller


Althea Laing
Lois Samuels
Dainalyn Swaby
Rochelle Grindley