The HOGA Awards, established in 2013, seek to highlight the contributions of Hamptonians (primarily) who continue to give back to their alma mater through various means. The presentations are done at the annual end of year event in December

Before the official launch of the Awards in 2013 the following persons were recognized
Donna Parchment Brown
Verleta Green
Dr Olive Lewin
Naomi Holness

2013 Awardees

Kay Wilson
Dorienne Rowan Campbell
Dawn Hugh
Professor Yvette Jackson
Liz Darville
Sharon Kenny Reid
Heather Murray
Trevor Blake

2014 Awardees

Lorna Gordon Elliot
Dona Lee Messam Raymond
Bridgette Stewart Grant
Allison Morris

2015 Awardee

Huldah Bennett-Williams

2016 Awardee

Dawn Carey
Professor Marcia Roye

2017 Awardee

Carla Myrie