HOGA Jamaica

The first alumni association was formed between 1910 and 1911…over a century ago! Ivy Morin was the first President. However, due to a number of challenges the Association lapsed and was later revived under the name of Hampton School Guild during the period of Miss Campbell (1922-1933). It was felt that the Guild, presided over by Audrey Gordon-Walker, comprised mainly overseas girls and was based mainly in the UK, and so in 1941 the Jamaican alumni saw the importance of forming the Hampton Old Girls Association in Jamaica. The first meeting was held on May 10, 1941. Since then, the Association has advanced steadily until today in being an important stakeholder in the life of the school. Through programmes such as Scholarships & Bursaries and Mentorship, HOGA has been making a significant impact in the lives of some very promising Hamptonians.

HOGA is currently based in Kingston at the offices of old girl and Attorney-at-Law, Verleta Green (Salmon) who has so graciously supported the association over the years. Meetings of the Executive Committee are held once monthly. The Constitution provides for an Annual General Meeting to be held within three months after the end of the Association’s financial year (January-March).

The officers of the Association consist of a President, two Vice Presidents and an Executive Committee of eight members. Miss Judith Montague is currently the Interim President of the Association.

Past Presidents of HOGA include:

Edie May Smith   

Dorit McConnell       

Elizabeth (Gilpin-Hudson) Hall      

Donna Parchment Brown        

Pauline Blake-Walker      

 Dr. Marcia Blair

Dawn Ebanks            

Marjorie Rowan-Campbell (Fraser) 

Effie Phillips

Jennifer Tomlinson

 Althea Parchment

 Dorienne Rowan-Campbell

 Naomi Holness (Wright)

 Carla Myrie (Thompson)

What we do

HOGA Executive Committee 1951
HOGA Executive Committee 2017

About us

The Hampton Old Girls’ Association (HOGA), the interactive networking and information sharing platform for all past students and friends of Hampton School.

Our mission

Bringing past students together and contributing to a better life at Hampton School.

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